Building Your Personal Brand

October 19, 2018

I have always believed that the world is a resource and it is up to us how we leverage its abundance.

As my website evolves, one of my aspirations has been to engage in collaborative writing. The idea is to work jointly with another and present a richer perspective to you.

Well, it is time to announce the first collaborative writing project:

‘Building Your Personal Brand’

Why is ‘Personal Brand’ important? What are the benefits of having a strong Personal Brand?

Here are the top 5 reasons why building your Personal Brand should be on top of your professional agenda:
1. It defines who you are and what you stand for
2. It elevates you from your competition
3. It advertises your expertise areas
4. It presents new possibilities
5. It can power your future

In my coaching projects, I often get to work with individuals who are struggling with their visibility within the organization. Many of them are experts in their field but have developed a low profile in this process. They would rather let the work speak for itself. Nothing wrong with that but if a role demands visibility, a low-profile could be career-limiting. This project is also for those who wish to further consolidate their Personal Brand or rebuild it.

I have immense pleasure in introducing to you my collaborator, Ms. Priya Sarkar, a Communications expert. Priya is Senior Director – Communications at the United Health Group.

Priya has worked over the years in coaching and guiding leaders on how to communicate, how to engage with employees and, specifically, on how they can build a distinctive identity for themselves. She has laid the foundation of a number of internal communications departments across large organizations and has continuously explored innovative platforms and methods to reach out to all profiles of employees.

Priya and I go a long way. We worked together at American Express. She was one person who provided me with opportunities for writing including adding me to the Editorial Board of Sampark, our in-house newsletter. I have greatly benefitted from her counsel.

Together, Priya and I plan to explore this topic in an 8-part series that will appear once every two weeks on my website. We also plan to direct you to other resources should you be keen to examine the topic further.


Well, watch the space…

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