Personal Brand – True Story

October 30, 2018

By Priya Sarkar with K S Ramanan

In the last post, Priya & I discussed the 3 W’s.

Going further, Prakash (name changed) is a senior leader and is tipped to take over a critical leadership role in the near future. He has worked hard to reach this position and has served the organization long enough to understand how things work around here.

While the Leadership is favoring his move, there are some concerns. Prakash is seen as someone who is not focused. He appears distracted while communicating. Even when he is making a presentation, he is all over the place. This gives a sense that he is ‘beating around the bush’. Leadership is always having to draw his attention to the point that needs attention. This consumes valuable Leadership time and bandwidth.

Do you think Prakash’s Brand is getting impacted? Does he need to take charge of his communication approach so that his Leadership shines through?

Do you think Prakash needs to invest in building a Personal Brand? Please share your views with me at [email protected]

After the 3 W’s, in the next post in this series, ‘Building Your Personal Brand’ series, we bring you the 3 R’s.

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