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December 12, 2021

I was featured as a Guest Speaker in an Instagram Live event.

Link to the video below:

In this 40-min freewheeling chat with the multifaceted Smitha Umesan, founder of Nimitham and host of this chat show, I got an opportunity to discuss the following points:

– My Mission statement that I had created for myself over 2 decades ago: ‘Contribute to people’s lives’.

– My journey as a Coach

– What a Coach does

– My transition from a corporate career to becoming an independent Coach – what that meant for me

– Building my Brand

– Loving my work

– Importance of Coaching – what the process of Coaching can accomplish

– Qualities of a Coach

– How do people find a Coach

– ‘Asking for help!’ – how important this quality is

– My Life Mantra – ‘look for the extraordinary in the ordinary!’

– Why we must not limit ourselves to enjoying only those big milestones in our lives

– How every day can be made magical

– The 3 Life Skills that I consider top critical – Curiosity, Empathy & Compassion

– My hobbies

– My message to youngsters – Be a curious learner, Never become cynical, Always remain hopeful


I hope you enjoy watching this video as much as I enjoyed participating in this event.

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