You could be a Croatia too!

July 15, 2018

Croatia has reached the World Cup Final. This is sensational. For a country that was the lowest ranked team in history, to reach the World Cup Final is nothing short of a miracle. Irrespective of the final results, with Croatia’s win, something seems to have shifted in this world.

In Life too, we have a habit of putting people in pigeonholes and determining their future based on our ranking of their past and present.

We could have experienced the person’s Life or Leadership approach in a certain way and we decide on the trajectory of the person’s Life or Leadership journey based on this experience – our own ranking. And then the unexpected happens. Like Croatia, with magnificent resilience, the person comes from behind to beat all predictions.

In my own life, I have done stuff that was never ‘expected’ of me. I have been a Croatia many times in my life.

Because, in my view, unlike the people around us, the future has no bias.

You could be a Croatia in your life too.

So, what is going to be your next Croatia move?


Do you see a relevance of this story in your life? Happy to hear from you.

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