Desk diary – 366 Insights for Life

My book of original Quotes, ‘366 Insights for Life’, covers different aspects of Life such as self-leadership, career, people management, relationships, and parenting.

This collection is meant to provoke your thoughts, help you reflect, and inspire you.

Open them at random, and see how they speak to your current context.

While reading through them in one long sitting, you could visualize a mosaic of images from your life.

Ruminate on them. Or you could use them to generate a conversation with someone.

Above all, in these busy times, I hope these 366 perspectives will help you pause and allow you that moment of stillness and reflection.

The ‘366 Insights for Life’ makes a great gift for someone you care about – yourself, your family, your friends, and your employees…even your boss. It is also a great gift for a Diwali or the New Year.

Always keep the ‘366 Insights for Life’ by your side. It will serve you well.

You can order your copy of this book of my original 366 Quotes – ‘366 Insights for Life’ by clicking here. 


E-book – 31 Ways to Reclaim Your Happiness

Everyone in this world wants to be happy. No one gets up in the morning and wishes to be unhappy. In that sense, the book, ’31 Ways to Reclaim Your Happiness’ is relevant to the whole wide world.

I have also realized that while everyone seeks happiness, what makes each one of us happy is very different. The idea of this book is not to prescribe a set of ways to find happiness, rather, to explore what could constitute happiness. In a way, I have shared my ‘31 Ways to Reclaim My Happiness’. I am sure many of these ways will resonate with you and, of course, you will have your own.

Incidentally, when I began jotting down the points for this book, I created almost a hundred ways. I had to prioritize and present the list of 31 ways in this book. These appear in no particular order.

I have also created a fun Happiness Tracker to create your own Happiness Graph. You could add your own parameters and use the same technique to create your very own customized Happiness Graph. I would imagine that this graph will change over time as you reclaim more areas of happiness. Fun, isn’t it?

I hope this book opens up many new highways of happiness for you. I also hope that, after reading this book, you will create your very own ‘100 Ways to Reclaim My Happiness’.

I wish you a life full of happiness. May you also be the cause of happiness for others.

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