All of us are talented

April 27, 2020

Every Quote has a story!

The story behind my Quote #286:

‘We are all talented. A chosen few celebrate it and the rest work hard all their life to deny it.’

A few months ago, one of our friends came home with their talented 7-year old daughter. The daughter sings brilliantly. When I listened to her first about a couple of years ago, I thought she was a prodigy. Her melodious voice and perfect rendition could mesmerize the audience.

On that day, her mother wanted her to sing for us. The girl was not interested. Her mother was coaxing, cajoling, and trying all her tricks to get the girl to sing. She encouraged her, teased her, became angry but the girl would not budge.

The father got into the act using his tricks, as well. It did not work. We were watching all this and it was turning out to be embarrassing and awkward for all of us.

Finally, my 85-year old mother who was patiently watching all this stood up, held the 7-year old’s hand, and took her to the other room. Within a couple of minutes, we heard a brilliant rendition in a melodious voice from the room. I could see a huge sigh of relief on the parents’ faces.

One could debate if it were a good idea on the part of the parents to put their daughter in a spot. I raise a different point today.

I have seen many cases where talented individuals are too shy to demonstrate their talent. Call it shyness or hesitation but their talent is never available to the world.

I have a view that when you possess a talent, it is the Universe’s way of telling you that you are extra special. It is called talent because it is available in a much larger measure in you as compared to what others possess.

I believe that every individual is talented. We need to consider this as a fact of life and then look inward and spot our own talent. If you realize that in an area of life, you are different from others, chances are that you have a talent in that area. Just go deeper and identify it.

Talent is not always about the fine arts. It could be that you listen well or that you hold people’s secrets well. It could be that you cook very well or show kindness and compassion for others. It could be that you are a great connector of people, you coordinate well to make things happen or that you enjoy solving people’s problems. You could be a great coach or advisor. You could be talented in representing the interests of the underserved. You could be working patiently with senior citizens.

My view is that since you have been handpicked by the Universe for this talent, the only way to repay this ‘debt’ is to put this back into the Universe. This means that if your talent lies in teaching, find more opportunities to teach. If you are a great cook, cook more varieties for more people, if you write well, write more and so on. Conversely, if you do not express your talent, my belief is that it will be taken away from you – have you heard of the rusted engine?

Now, get that guitar out of the attic, that easel out of the storehouse and reconnect your wires of talent. For those who are not sure if they are talented, ask your best friend, ‘what do you think I am really good at ?’ Be ready to list down your talents.

Did you know that when you transpose the letters T and L of Talent, it spells Latent, meaning, hidden?

Let your talent no longer be hidden. Let the Universe know how talented you are.


May I help you locate your talent? I have a proven technique that can help. Reach out to me at [email protected]. Let the world discover you in a new light.

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