About Me

Hi there! Welcome to my website.

I offer Career Coaching & Life Coaching services to interested individuals from all over the world in a virtual mode. More details are available on my website under the tab, ‘Services’. You could reach me at [email protected].


Over 25 years ago, I created a Mission Statement for my life. It was a simple one-liner:

‘Contribute to people’s lives.’

As a result of having found my life purpose, I moved out of my Finance role and chose a People role. I was responsible for training and coaching corporate professionals, setting up teams, and running a large Global Learning & Development function. I began living my life’s Mission Statement on a daily basis.

After having spent 30 years – my last corporate role was that of a Global Learning Leader at one of the MNCs – I came out of corporate life to further expand the canvas of my life.

What am I engaged in today?

Today, I am engaged in a variety of pursuits.

As an independent Coach, Consultant & Facilitator at corporate entities and social sector organizations, I am engaged in coaching and facilitation. In addition, for social sector organizations & MSMEs, I help them build capabilities around people and processes to take them to scale.

Many people reach out to me – in their individual capacity – for Career Coaching & Life Coaching. As they are not backed by any organization, I support them at a heavily discounted fee as compared to my corporate fee structure.

My Quote #304 says, ‘A coach believes in you more than you believe in yourself.’

My writing

Over these years, I have also been writing. My writing has been centered around perspectives that I have gathered during my various travels at home and abroad and generally through life, which is another kind of travel.

In the process of writing, I created 366 new Quotes of mine – a Quote-a-day for the entire year. All these 366 Quotes are now available in a desk diary format at Instamojo (http://imojo.in/siq67).

I have also published my first e-book, ’31 Ways to Reclaim Your Happiness’, and am on the path to releasing my next book, ‘Life in Small Bites’.

It’s all about perspectives!

I plan to share my perspectives with you through this website. Just as each one of us is unique and special, so are our perspectives.

‘Sights’ is about my perspectives on my travels and ‘Insights’ are my perspectives on Life.

In these busy times, I hope these perspectives will help you pause and allow you that moment of stillness and reflection.


I live in Bangalore, India, with my lovely family in a home that overlooks a garden and a lake.

Thank you for stopping by!