Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?

Most people who seek Life Coaching are healthy, successful people who might be a bit stuck or simply want to make a big change in their lives and want the support of their own personal Life Coach to do so.

The Covid-19 scenario is posing new challenges for us.

In these times, many of us are dealing with challenges that seem to bog us down. There is a lot of uncertainty. Some of us are worried about the future. Is everything going to be business as usual for me or would it need some adjustment? If I need to adjust to the new ‘normal’, how much will I be expected to adjust? Where is my life headed? How do I take better control of my life? Can I find happiness in the new ‘normal’?

Some of us are looking for new directions that can change the course of our life towards a better future.

A Life Coach works with you on your agenda to support you. Since what happens between you and the Life Coach is 100% confidential, you can open up and discuss your dreams or issues with the Life Coach.

About me

I have been a facilitator and coach for over 2 decades out of my 30-year career in MNCs. During this period, I have supported people in a variety of life situations (details below). Since 2014, I have also been supporting the social sector.

How does Life Coaching work?

Life Coaching is designed as a series of one-on-one sessions. The sessions can happen face to face or on Skype or phone.

When I am engaged as a Life Coach, the first meeting always begins with setting the agenda. I will want to understand your rationale for seeking Life Coaching. These discussions help in finding the exact nature of issues or possibilities that need focus.

Once the agenda is clear, I will be in a position to recommend the number of sessions that would be required to work through the agenda. I will also let you know my professional fees.

While the Life Coaching sessions are on, I may also recommend some work that needs to be done by you between the sessions.

We will co-develop review mechanisms to regularly check if we are heading towards the agreed agenda.

What are the areas that Life Coaching could cover?

I have been coaching people for many years now in areas such as:

  • taking charge of our challenges
  • overcoming the Monday morning blues
  • building self-belief/confidence
  • dreaming a future and chasing those dreams
  • appreciating yourself
  • taking responsibility/control of your life
  • finding a career that you love
  • getting clear on your goals
  • staying accountable to your goals
  • forming better relationships
  • enjoying the role of a parent
  • effectively balancing control and freedom when dealing with teenage children
  • letting go
  • transitioning through different stages of life, eg., mid-life crisis
  • having more meaning in your life
  • developing your purpose and following your heart
  • feeling happier

Invest in your life. Seek Life Coaching now.

What next?

Write to me at [email protected].