Career Coaching

Covid-19 update: Currently, I am engaged in helping professionals market themselves better by leveraging all the LinkedIn features. This will help them land a job or a better opportunity. In short, moving them from ‘invisible’ to ‘visible’.


What is Career Coaching?

Career Coaching is sought by professionals who seek to take charge of their careers.

The pace of Change in organizations today is coming from factors such as Mergers and Acquisitions, right-sizing, explosive growth, verticalization, and global reporting. As a new workforce joins organizations, power equations are shifting while managers are expected to lead these young and empowered individuals through this Change.

The Covid-19 scenario is posing new challenges to organizations and to the leaders and employees.

At these times, professionals will be expected to step out of their comfort zone. They will need more resources at their command to navigate these circumstances and emerge successful.

A Career Coach works with you on your agenda to support you. Since what happens between you and the Career Coach is 100% confidential, you can open up and discuss your dreams or issues with the Career Coach.

About me

I have been a facilitator and coach for over 2 decades out of my 30-year career in MNCs. During this period, I have supported people in a variety of career situations. During this period, I have also built high-performance teams with a very high level of Employee Engagement. In fact, today, I facilitate two of my signature programs for corporate entities –  Managing Your Career in a Dynamic Workplace (on managing one’s career in a large organization) and Leverage Your Team (on building high Employee Engagement). Since 2014, I have also been supporting the social sector as a Consultant in these areas, apart from others.

How does Career Coaching work?

Career Coaching is designed as a series of one-on-one sessions. The sessions can happen face to face or on Skype or phone.

When I am engaged as a Career Coach, the first meeting always begins with setting the agenda. I will want to understand your rationale for seeking Career Coaching. These discussions help in finding the exact nature of issues or possibilities that need focus.

Once the agenda is clear, I will be in a position to recommend the number of sessions that would be required to work through the agenda. I will also let you know my professional fees.

While the Career Coaching sessions are on, I may also recommend some work that needs to be done by you between the sessions.

We will co-develop review mechanisms to regularly check if we are heading towards the agreed agenda.

What are the areas that Career Coaching could cover?

I have been coaching people for many years now in areas such as:

  • managing Change
  • helping people step out of their comfort zone using ‘Mindsport’
  • helping you leverage the features of LinkedIn to make your profile stand out
  • helping you be productive even as you wait for a job to show up
  • navigating your career
  • reinventing your career
  • employee engagement
  • effective supervision
  • effective Execution for results
  • overcoming the Monday morning blues
  • building self-belief/confidence
  • finding a career that you love
  • getting clear on your goals
  • staying accountable to your goals
  • managing your boss
  • managing transitions such as local reporting to global reporting
  • mid-career crisis
  • transitioning to a different career, eg. corporate sector to social sector transition

Invest in your career. Seek Career Coaching now.

What next?

Write to me at [email protected].