Motivational Speaking

Quotivation – my signature Motivational Speaking program


I have written 366 original Quotes and compiled them into a book, ‘366 Insights for Life’. These Quotes cover areas such as career, leadership, relationships, self-awareness, parenting, and growth.

In the program that I have titled, ‘Quotivation’ (a name that means Motivation via Quotes), I pick chosen Quotes based on the context and run this session.

How this session is conducted

I prefer a group of 30 people, max. We sit in a circle. I carry a bunch of my Quote cards with me. Each of the cards carries a different Quote. I have each one of the participants pick a card. When all the participants have finished picking their card, they take turns to read the Quote aloud to the group. We discuss each Quote. I could ask that participant what that Quote means to him while the other participants chime in. As the conversation progresses, I might narrate an incident, a perspective or a story. Other participants also contribute to the discussion. Once we have completed discussing a Quote, we move to the next participant who holds a different Quote card. Once the entire circle is done, we distribute more Quote cards and the process continues. This process is expected to be highly interactive and fun and at the same time, reflective. The discussions within the group make the program highly customized to their context.


4 hours

Takeaways from the session

I believe we need to expand the definition of organizational learning. If we consider learning to include self-reflection and enriching one’s perspectives through contributions of fellow team members (peer-to-peer learning), in some form, we are encouraging a similar approach in real work-life too when all perspectives are welcome and we only become richer when we hear others’ perspectives.

When people share different perspectives around the same Quote, and we get to hear different voices, there is a collective appreciation that diversity is actually a great thing – that a team is really a bouquet of flowers and not a bouquet of identical roses. I believe that when such sessions are run within a natural team, it can also help in forging stronger ties within the team.


I have attached a sample Quote card for you to visualize. This is Quote #99 that says:

Inside the Quotivation session, this Quote can be debriefed to highlight the power of collaboration, learning from others, sharing Best Practices and complementing the team with one’s strengths to compensate for some others’ weakness.

I could use my own example where I am currently learning from a 29-year old SEO expert who is helping me with my website – that we cannot have barriers of age, level, seniority, and ego come in the way of learning. That Learnability (ability to learn) is going to be one of the critical areas for future success.

Motivational Speaking is conducted in small or large groups.

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