A U-turn is U-seful

August 6, 2018

In Life, on occasions, we pursue a new path. The path looks promising and we go ahead. Things look good in the beginning but as we travel further, we begin to realize that things are not what they seemed. We continue to bravely take on challenges but there comes a time when we are absolutely sure that things are not going in the right direction – going any further will invite more trouble.

At such points, after weighing all options, it could appear that a U-turn is the best possible option. A U-turn could mean cutting down on the losses, going back to where we were and starting afresh. It could certainly mean loss of time, momentum and, in some cases, loss of money. But in order to arrest further bleeding, it could be the Best Case scenario.

However, in our world, a U-turn comes with a lot of negative connotations. For people who place a lot of importance on what others think or say, a U-turn could mean a loss of face. It could mean an admission of defeat. A U-turn could also invite some ‘I-told-you-so’ comments.

People who are worried about what others will think or say, could continue pursuing the same path pretending that things are in control. Their ego may not agree to a U-turn. After all, internal bleeding is not visible to anyone.

We all know that every action comes with a set of consequences. As leaders of our life, when we consider an action, we need to assume responsibility for the consequences of the action. In the nature of things, while some consequences can be predicted, others will appear as situations unfold. Nevertheless, we need to take responsibility for all consequences emerging from the action.

A U-turn is the equivalent of the Undo button on our computer keyboard. Considering what a U-turn could achieve in the circumstances, we must demonstrate the courage to press the Undo button. After all, if a U-turn helps us get our life or career back on the rails, it should be welcomed.

Which is why a U-turn is U-seful.

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