An external perspective helps

January 3, 2019

Many a time, an external perspective helps.

I was coaching a middle-aged senior executive. He was extremely upset with how things were going on at work. Obviously, he was going through a lot.

Looking at him, I wanted to know how much time was still left in his formal career before retirement. His response: 15 months.

I was telling him that if he lived for another 30 years after retirement which is very likely, a 15-month period constituted about 4% of the rest of his life. Consequently, anything good or bad in his formal career should matter only to the extent of 4% in his life now.

Instead of getting upset with the 4%, would he rather not focus on the 96%? I could help him in inventing a new future for himself.

I could sense a shift in him. Certainly, a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders. He was smiling.

When we are very close to the mountain, we cannot see anything beyond it.

Many a time, an external view helps. An external coach can help put things in perspective.


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