Are you being manipulated?

August 30, 2018

Last week, in my friend’s apartment complex, many youngsters had come together to organize flood relief materials for Kerala.

It was around midnight when the trucks arrived to collect the relief materials. The loading of the materials was being managed by these spirited volunteers. However, even at 2 AM, work was still in progress and it was getting very noisy. It transpired that many of the volunteers were drunk – no wonder they appeared spirited. They were creating quite a ruckus.

When my friend tried to restrain them, they turned belligerent and abusive. They began manhandling my friend. The Association’s office bearers had to be called. The situation turned pretty ugly and the police had to be called in too. By this time, a narrative had been created that my friend was against the Cause of flood relief. This narrative quickly gained support from the other youngsters.

Anyway, the situation was brought under control. The trucks left by 4 AM with the relief materials and the youngsters dispersed.

The fact that a false narrative was created as a convenient smokescreen to deflect the core issue at hand is a real danger in today’s world. For instance, we are aware of fake news – a recent phenomenon.

It happens in organizations too. When a new Change is being introduced and someone with genuine intentions, points out the potential risks, he could be branded as an enemy of Change. A convenient narrative is created as a smokescreen to deflect from the core issue.

In Life, as leaders, it is important not to get dragged into someone else’s narrative.

Or else, without even realizing it, we could be manipulated.

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