Are you taking care of your glass bowl?

December 29, 2019
Are you taking care of the glass bowl and the plant?

Are you taking care of your glass bowl?

What if I told you that each one of you is holding a beautiful glass bowl in which a delicate plant is growing?

Does it even exist?

Ironically, as life goes on, many of you, focusing elsewhere, probably do not even know that such a bowl exists.

Not with me

Some of you are aware of the bowl’s existence but you imagine that someone else is holding your bowl. Obviously, you have no control over it.

Not my responsibility

Some of you think that since your bowl is being held by someone else, it is their responsibility, not yours. If the bowl breaks or if the plant dies, it is the responsibility of that ‘someone’.

No commitment

Then there are some of you who know of the existence of the glass bowl and the plant in it but you lack the commitment to attend to the bowl and to what grows inside it. Of course, you will always say, ‘I don’t have the time!’ However, my clear understanding of that statement is to mean a lack of commitment.

Inconsistent commitment

Some of you know what it takes to demonstrate commitment but you are very sporadic and irregular. You can’t nourish the plant for a day and then ignore it for months. Sorry, that doesn’t work!

The chosen few

And then…there are some of you, the chosen few, who pay careful attention to the glass bowl and the plant in it. You peer regularly at the bowl to check for its condition. The bowl always stays in your line of sight. You watch it and you watch over it.

Focusing on the plant that grows within, you know that it needs to be nourished at regular intervals. Occasionally, you need to protect the bowl and the plant from the harsh elements that threaten their well-being. In the midst of a storm, you wrap your arms around the bowl and take it to a safe place. If the conditions surrounding the bowl are continuously threatening, you move away with the bowl to a better place. It is as if your survival depends on that glass bowl.

So, where is this discussion going? Well…

The glass bowl is your future – where you are going to spend the rest of your life.

The plant that grows inside the bowl is your potential – what you could become in that future.

Here’s wishing your bowl its unique sparkle and the plant within it, a form that takes the world by surprise.

A new journey begins when you realize the value of taking good care of the glass bowl and take complete responsibility for the plant that grows inside it.

May you make much progress on this journey!


Do let me know if I could help you on this journey. Reach out to me at [email protected].

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