Building Your Personal Brand – my 40 Motivational Quotes

December 25, 2018

Out of the 366 Quotes that I have created and compiled as a book titled ‘366 Insights for Life’ (book available here), I have chosen 40 of my Motivational Quotes here that can serve you based on where you find yourself in your Personal Brand journey.

Each of these Quotes has come from my personal experience.


When you are too scared to dream

‘Chasing big dreams is a great motivator and keeps us in a positive frame of mind. Because, when we are in an airplane we see no potholes.’ (Quote #3)

‘Take that first step with courage. The rest will follow.’ (Quote #95)

‘It is worthwhile considering what our lives would have looked like if we had shown more courage when it mattered.’ (Quote #118)

‘You will have no idea what you are capable of until you try.’ (Quote #183)

‘Life’s exciting discoveries are located just outside our comfort zone.’ (Quote # 207)

‘We are under no obligation to play a small game.’ (Quote #276)

‘Imagine it and you can make it happen.’ (Quote #279)

‘Start chasing your dreams. Not tomorrow, today.’ (Quote # 336)


When you are riddled with self-doubt

‘Miracles are happening all around us. If you have not experienced them, start paying attention.’ (Quote #79)

‘If your idea is not accepted, don’t always doubt the idea. It could be the fault of the soil in which the idea was sown. Find a different soil.’ (Quote #87)

‘Treat yourself as unique and special…because you, indeed, are.’ (Quote # 130)

‘Make a list of all your regrets in life and tear it up. Step into a new future.’ (Quote #158)

‘Sometimes it helps to focus only on the first few stairs and not look at the whole staircase.’ (Quote #238)

‘Just because it appears to be difficult, does not mean it is. Give it a shot!’ (Quote #241)

‘Failures are the experiments on our road to success.’ (Quote #257)

‘When you begin believing in yourself, doors open.’ (Quote #282)

‘Growth happens only when you try something new.’ (Quote #295)

‘Silence the internal chatter that doubts your greatness.’ (Quote #305)

‘Don’t wait. You will never be 100% ready.’ (Quote #334)

‘Outgrow your limitations.’ (Quote # 335)


When you are too tough on yourself

‘It is okay to make mistakes. Don’t be so unforgiving of yourself.’ (Quote #122)

‘Delay does not mean denial. Be patient!’ (Quote #63)

‘In times of crises, keep your Life’s door ajar for courage and hope to enter.’ (Quote #110)

‘An end also means a new beginning.’ (Quote #146)

‘Failure is Universe’s way of checking how badly you wish to succeed.’ (Quote #169)

‘A defeat lasts only till the next game.’ (Quote #228)

‘There is always a second chance…and then, there is a third chance…and so on.’ (Quote #234)


When you are worried about what others think

‘It does not matter what others say; it should never matter. What certainly matters is what you say to yourself.’ (Quote #10)

‘No one has the right to write you off.’ (Quote #55)

‘Become deaf to unwarranted criticism.’ (Quote #115)

‘You don’t need anyone’s permission to start all over again.’ (Quote #148)

‘Success is not what others define for you. It is what you define for yourself.’ (Quote # 191)

‘Life is too precious to be wasted on doubters.’ (Quote #278)


When you are on the road to achieving your goal

‘When you are focused and committed, new paths just show up.’ (Quote #266)

‘Shatter all the glass ceilings until you can clearly see the blue sky.’ (Quote #300)

‘Every step counts.’ (Quote #337)

‘Focus is when, at that point, the only thing that exists in the entire universe is that task at hand.’ (Quote #349)

‘The right direction and velocity are key to achieving anything.’ (Quote #364)

‘When you fully commit to do whatever it takes to reach the goal, you can achieve anything.’ (Quote #365)

‘Chase big goals in life to know what you are capable of.’ (Quote #366)


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