The Monk and his trappings

June 18, 2018

When we were young, our grandmother used to tell us stories. I recall a particular story very well and can imagine its relevance even today.

A monk used to beg for alms in a particular village. He would visit each house and call out the lady of the house. He was very particular to have milk during breakfast and dinner. The people in the village knew about this need and would gladly offer him milk.

In order to help the monk, one of the neighbors donated a cow to the monk so that he could arrange for his own supply of milk. The monk now began visiting the market regularly to buy fodder. The monk also built a cowshed. Over time, he engaged a young boy from the village to graze the cow. Since the boy stayed with him, he added an extension to his dwelling. He now began begging for more alms.

As his non-spiritual activities grew, some of the people around him suggested that he gets married. His wife could help him with his worldly activities, leaving him with enough time for his spiritual pursuits. He got married and began begging for more alms. In due course, a child was born. The requirement for alms grew further.

By this time, the monk had no time for his spiritual practices. He had become a regular householder.

This story illustrates how, while pursuing some actions, we could stray from our chosen path.

I think there is a lesson for us.

Are we pursuing the right things in life? Is our current pursuit taking us in the direction of our choice?

Do you see a relevance of this story is today’s times? Happy to hear from you.

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