Understanding and Acceptance

June 11, 2018

Understanding is not the same as Acceptance.

Understanding is by the head while Acceptance is by the heart.

At work, many a time, when I encounter resistance or a drag in performance, I normally probe the alignment between understanding and acceptance. For instance, some tasks are fully understood by the individual but the individual may not accept it as a part of the role. It could be that he is considering the task to be beneath him, given his level of experience etc.. It could be that the individual has performed the same set of tasks very well in the past but has now outgrown or got bored of those tasks.

Sometimes, when a task which was to be done by someone else is thrust upon another person, there may be a sense of being unfairly treated. This will affect ‘acceptance’ adversely.

Other things being the same, only when both understanding and acceptance are fully aligned, will the person perform optimally.

What do you think? Have you come across such situations? Eager to hear your views.

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