The 1 element that can make your delegation effective

March 27, 2019
Make your delegation effective

Make your delegation effective…and lasting!

In my career, many a time, even after a task has been effectively delegated to a member of my team, he would still come seeking my time to discuss the same task. Although he was now fully capable of executing the task, he would still seek my time.

Review or Respect?

In such cases, I had a standard question: are you coming to me for Review or for Respect?

In my opinion, ‘Review’ was when he really needed my input to help him take a decision. ‘Respect’ was out of either a hierarchical obligation or out of wanting (an unnecessary) validation of his decision.

I was okay to spend time for ‘Review’ but when it came to ‘Respect’, I would strongly encourage him to believe in himself and go ahead with his decision. I was, anyway, always available to take responsibility for any error on his part if things went wrong.

The 1 element to make your delegation effective

Over time, I have realized that the process of delegation is not over once work is effectively handed over to the team along with responsibility and authority. It is not over when we see them execute the task effectively.

The one missing element is to inspire that unshakeable faith in them.

To inspire faith in them, we need to be available to them as a ‘safety net’ just in case things go awry.

Not just that, we need to also reiterate this ‘safety net’ concept to them several times until they get the necessary confidence. This is especially true when their perception of risk for that particular task is high.

It takes some time for the team to believe in themselves and realize that their success in such cases is not a matter of chance or coincidence. That they have rightfully earned their place.

My Quote #233 says,

‘Sometimes, we have to remind people of their strengths until they need no reminders.’

Coaching on delegation

When I coach people on delegation, I use the analogy of teaching cycling to a child. It is the process of slowly building confidence in the child while being available as a support as we run along with the child. The process of building confidence is slow but sure. Once the child has had a victory while cycling, the parent needs to compliment the child on the victory. It is important for the child to claim the victory as her own. As the child notches up more victories, she gets reminded of her capability. In my mind, delegation works in the same way.

Make your delegation effective…and lasting! Run that extra mile.

I use a lot of real-life stories and analogies when I coach people. They come quite naturally to me. I have found them to be extremely powerful in driving home the point.

Lest people think that I am infallible, while coaching people, I narrate stories of my mistakes and failures in life and about how I overcame them. I help them understand how stumbling and falling is a part of the growing-up process that all of us need to be proud of.

Did you know that effective delegation is a sure way to rise in your career? Interested in getting coached on effective delegation? 

Contact me at [email protected]. Let’s go ‘cycling’.

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