We love to give but ‘Conditions Apply’

June 13, 2018
Some of us find it difficult to give away stuff.
Even if we have no use for it, we have a habit of looking for the most deserving candidate to be the recipient.
Some of us look at whether the person will be appropriately grateful to us. We could look at whether the person will, indeed, use the material given by us or give it away to someone else. Some of us are worried that the person will exchange it for cash.
Some of us give away stuff that is in a poor condition – broken stuff, tattered clothes or things beyond repair.
I believe that when we give away stuff, we also demonstrate our character.
If we can’t find useful stuff to give, let’s not give. If we give, let’s not give with the ‘Conditions Apply’ clause.
Let us give away in dignity.
What do you think? Eager to hear from you.
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