Life as a video game

June 11, 2018

As we all meet opportunities and challenges in Life, what should be our attitude to Life?

The metaphor of a video game strikes me.

While playing a video game, the player sees opportunity as he clears levels but, essentially, he is going past challenges that keep getting thrown at him.

As one level is cleared, the game becomes more complex and higher-order challenges keep coming up. When the player clears one level in the game and moves to the next level, the happiness of the victory pumps him up and the player gets ready, in excitement, to face the next set of challenges.

Not for a moment does the player expect zero challenges at the next level or expect lower-order challenges than the ones that have already been cleared. Also, lower-order challenges are no longer seen as challenges because the player has already mastered them.

Isn’t Life something like this? We pursue opportunities and keep facing challenges and resolving them.

Irrespective of how we approach the challenges, Life continues throwing them at us. As Life goes on, the challenges get more complex for which we need to be more resourceful. Lower-order challenges are no longer considered as challenges.

In this process, we grow.

What do you think? Does this metaphor resonate with you? Eager to know.

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