It is all about commitment

April 6, 2020

Every Quote has a story!

The story behind my Quote #37.

‘It is never about a lack of time, it is always about a lack of commitment.’

This Quote is apt for these times of lockdown.

Many of us have had pending items that we have been putting off in life with the most popular justification on Earth – ‘I don’t have the time.’

Well, you just cannot use this justification any longer.

Make a list of all your pending tasks and except for those that need going out, start working on them and begin ticking them off as you achieve them.

If you are planning your life or career, work on your big, telescopic goals. If you have always wanted to seek advice, do it now. If you have something significant to share about your life, begin writing, maybe your autobiography. If you have put your hobby on the back burner, resuscitate it. If you wish to organize your papers, work on your filing cabinet. If you wish to take up that online course, do it now. If you wish to set apart some money as an investment, open a separate account. If you wish to catch up with old friends, pick up the phone. If you have always wanted to bond with your family, listen to their stories with intent.

At the end of the lockdown period, if you haven’t managed to make progress on such pending tasks, it is very clear now that you lack commitment. No more proof required.

And from now on, no more excuses, please!

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