The Universe is alive and doing fine

April 5, 2020

At a time when everything around us is getting unpredictable and uncertain, I derive hope from life’s certainties.

The morning sun falls on different parts of the garden setting off contrasts in green. The breeze is refreshing.

The sunshine brings the birds, bees, and the butterflies to my garden every day. The morning music is filled with the chirping of several birds. The squirrels scurry around playfully. A procession of ants marches down purposefully over our balcony grill.

The Sunbirds are punctual. They survey their territory and announce their arrival to me. The crows continue to caw. A solitary cat does its rounds.

A few white birds rise from the lake, circle over our home and return.

While the trees around us have shed leaves, our bonsai plant is bearing a new shoot.

A snail is on a journey of a few meters – a long and time-consuming journey.

A band of mischievous monkeys has come visiting. They climb the coconut trees and from that vantage point, look for open doors in homes to enter. They have a habit of deciding their rewards from such risky endeavors, which they will decide once they enter these homes.

A stray dog with a coat that resembles a hyena’s is looking for something to eat. It has made our apartment complex its home.

In the afternoons, several butterflies and bees pay a visit. They have a keen eye to spot nectar.

A cool breeze blows in the evenings. Several of the above-mentioned activities repeat.

At night, the moon is up. The summer night is silent while a light breeze blows through our windows cooling our room.

Another day passes.

Fortunately, all of these activities will continue tomorrow too making life that much more predictable.

Small though these activities might seem, they have the power to stabilize our world.

While humans are out to take pole position to disrupt the world, but currently scared and confined to their homes, none of these above-mentioned activities is dependent on any human intervention.

It tells me that the Universe is fully capable of running on its own. No human support needed.

Nothing to worry!

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