Past successes are not guarantees for future

March 16, 2020

Every Quote has a story!

My Quote #268 says, ‘Past successes are, at best, trophies. They are not guarantees for future.’

Even after 30+ years of corporate life in which I have had my own accomplishments (trophies) when I quit corporate life 6 years ago to become an independent Consultant and Coach, almost everything was reset to zero.

I had to begin all over again. The competencies of an independent Consultant and Coach are quite different from those of a corporate Leader.

This is true in every setting today. In a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world where the sands are constantly shifting, even within one’s career, one needs to remember that things are getting reset to zero very often.

In careers, roles are changing. New roles are emerging that demand managing new situations.

Yesterday is history. Today is real. Tomorrow is uncertain.

For those who consider uncertainty as an adventure, their time has come.

Where are you with uncertainty?

Happy to support you as a Coach.

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