Silence your internal chatter

March 16, 2020

Every Quote has a story!

Here’s the story behind my Quote #305 that says, ‘Silence the internal chatter that doubts your greatness.’

Recently, as a Coach, I was introduced to a young professional.

In the conversation, as she was talking about her life, the word, ‘under-confident’, came up repeatedly. She was talking about how, from her school days, she had been under-confident. In her view, it continues even today. I could sense it too.

Ironically, she had been consistently in the Top 5 in her class right from school.

As I began working with her, I realized that her parents were teachers by profession and had instilled very high standards in her. They kept pointing out faults in her to ‘help her improve’. At least, so they thought. As luck would have it, she was now working with a manager who was a perfectionist.

I realized that her internal chatter doubting herself was growing louder by the day. It was now affecting her personal life too.

Working on our areas of improvement is a lifelong journey. It takes us places.

A high standard is a useful thing if it spurs us to move ahead with vigor.

However, if a high standard makes us always doubt ourselves, it is not useful. Nothing much can be gained out of such pursuit. It is an exhausting journey to fill an imaginary and ever-growing void.

In a world where we are left alone to make meaning of our own lives, our chatter is a lifelong companion. Turn it into your friend.

Watch your internal chatter!

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