Building Your Personal Brand: the bottom-line

March 2, 2019

By Priya Sarkar with K S Ramanan

This article winds up the 16-part series we have taken you through, sharing both key elements that go into the process of building your personal brand and true stories that illustrate the principles.

The idea is to bring it all together and underscore some of the very important pay-offs that were more implicit.

A very important outcome of building your brand is the personal fulfillment that follows. No individual is an island, and we all crave our place in the sun (even if it’s just a teeny one!). Self-image, peer recognition, and personal visibility – some – or all – of these are natural human motivators, and putting a purposeful plan to building your brand just helps get us there.

Professional advancement is influenced by too many factors that can’t all be enumerated here. But, there is not a shred of doubt that it is positively and directly aided by the persona or brand promise that you bring to the workplace. Employers today look for more than just technical expertise; and while some positions actually demand leadership attributes that overlap with personal brand attributes, it never hurts to start this process at any point in life… yes, even in college!

We hope you enjoyed what we shared and perhaps got a few new insights, too. These pages will always be open to questions and suggestions. And, we’re happy to help further.

Till then, best wishes on your journey… and here’s a recap of all the 15 posts –

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